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The advantages to having a Skyline Poptop is the roof. It is injection moulded into a honey comb structure, so will never loose its shape, this also gives the roof great insulation properties. This process makes the roof cap a lot stronger than traditional hand layered fibre glassing, there is no magic to the roofs just the latest fibre glassing process!

Full internal strengthening frame put back into the body of the van, with M1 testing. The use of high lift rear hinges which are produced from Stainless steel. 100% water proof canvas material which comes in a array of colours, this material is water proof and does not let the water though. No through bolting in the roof cap, which helps with non leaking bolt holes and looks great from the outside Designed to carry 60 Kgs of weight on the optional roof rack if required.

Unlike a lot of Poptops this roof has been designed to carry a roof rack and will not fracture when drilled to fit the roof rack or when carrying

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